It is a shade close to white, providing an elegant and airy appearance.

Frost creates a striking effect alongside simplicity and gives the user a feeling of lightness.


Pure & Elegant

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01 // Project overview

a touch of cold,
a warm effect.

The color Frost is a great option to emphasize that your products or services have a sophisticated and modern style. This color provides customers with a simple and elegant experience and reflects the robustness and elegance of your brand. A KontakArt design in the color Frost appeals to customers who love simplicity and elegance and leaves an unforgettable impression.

02 // Challenges

Pure & Elegant.

The color “Frost” is a visual symbol of purity, cleanliness, and elegance. This neutral and serene tone evokes the sensation of a crisp winter day’s first frozen breath, while imbuing a sense of freshness. The term “Frost,” reminiscent of frozen crystals and icy surfaces, intensifies the cold, clear, and clean emotions associated with this color tone.

03 // Approach

As shiny and remarkable as ice.

In this section, we are proud to present you examples that bring Frost’s profile to life with its brilliance. We are proud to share this awareness together and we are happy to crown it with you. Remember, the meaning you attach to the choices you make is as important as life itself.

04 // Statistics

Special Frost Awareness Theme for Individuals.


different Frost individuals

You are not alone. Let’s break the ice together.


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